Dean Dillon Discusses How Songwriting Chose Him at the Key West Songwriters Festival

9 thoughts on “Dean Dillon Discusses How Songwriting Chose Him at the Key West Songwriters Festival

  1. Hello Dean,
    I am a huge fan and fellow singer/songwriter from Texas. I would love the opportunity to meet and maybe show you some of my songs that I have written over the past 11 yrs. I am 29 and have also been trying to dedicate my life to good songwriting. I am planning on going to the Ft Worth show at Magnolia Motor Lounge with my songwriting buddy Wesley Joe. We hope to get to hang out with you Mr. Dillon. Is there any chance for us to come out early and hang out and just shoot the shit a while? Thanks for your time! Looking forward to Sunday

  2. Hi Dean, my name is Lee Nicoletti fron pa. I like to thnk that there is no one out there who is a bigger fan than i am. I have played yur songs in my bands for many many years.
    I have all your cd’s, and believe it or not, i listen to them every single day without fail. I’ve never come accross a song that i skipped over, or didn’t like. I spoke with Susie several times, and Mr. Scrutchfield(gave him info on places to play in our state)
    My bucket list…lol…to meet Dean dillon..oh well…maybe someday..Thanks for all the songs and great memories from you and the “GREAT” Gary Stewart. yep..THOSE WERE THE DAYS.
    There has never been a greater duo as far as i’m concerned..The heart and soul you put into your writing is beyound comprehension.My big issue..I’m pissed that the Juke boxes and radio stations do not play or hear your voice !!…But we do at this home !

    Thanks Dean….Lee

  3. Hello Dean, There is one song that I would like for you to sing. Wait A Minute- By Herb Pederson. Thinking of you.

  4. I enjoy listening to your interviews but more than anything your music. You amaze me with your talent. Maybe someday I will stumble across your path. Until then , keep it coming

  5. “A Lot of Things Different” should be heard by everyone (by you,simple and not overproduced).

    That song hits so many things and says so much in each short phrase. Amazing!

  6. Here’s a hook for you, Dean. My dad always said, You’re too soon old and too late smart! I think you could use that.

  7. I’m not what you’d call a people person. Some of my best friends have been songs. Dating back to folk music in the ’60s, many of your’s, Paul Crafts, Guy Clarks have been good friends to me. I named my daughter after an Allman Bros song. I think you might agree that songs are living things and serve many purposes in a fulfilled life. I have been looking for the lyrics of one of your’s- “When You’re a Song.” Cannot find it on the Internet anywhere. Any suggestions?

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