Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind (MP3)

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MP3 – 256k
Complete album with cover art


1 Friday Night's Woman 3:25
2 Holed Up in Some Honky Tonk 3:04
3 Best Love Friends
4 She Knows What She Wants 3:11
5 Holding My Own 3:23
6 Don't You Even (Think About Leaving) 2:57
7 Her Thinkin' I'm Doing Her Wrong (Ain't Doin' Me Right) 2:36
8 A Country Boy (Who Rolled the Rock Away) 3:04
You Must Be Out of Your Ever Lovin' Mind
10 The Umbrella Song 4:43


2 reviews for Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind (MP3)

  1. Mark McCoy

    This is by far the greatest of all time. Dean has a talent that very few in this world were blessed with. He can write better than the greatest authors of all time and his voice is a smooth as Tennessee Whiskey!

  2. Jackie

    Every song knocks it out of the park! Dean signed my cassette cover of this at the Madill Sand Bass Festival 20+ years ago. The talent oozes out of every pore on this man. His writing has boosted the careers of many, many artists. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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