Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind (MP3)

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MP3 – 256k
Complete album with cover art


1 Friday Night's Woman 3:25
2 Holed Up in Some Honky Tonk 3:04
3 Best Love Friends
4 She Knows What She Wants 3:11
5 Holding My Own 3:23
6 Don't You Even (Think About Leaving) 2:57
7 Her Thinkin' I'm Doing Her Wrong (Ain't Doin' Me Right) 2:36
8 A Country Boy (Who Rolled the Rock Away) 3:04
You Must Be Out of Your Ever Lovin' Mind
10 The Umbrella Song 4:43


3 reviews for Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind (MP3)

  1. Mark McCoy

    This is by far the greatest of all time. Dean has a talent that very few in this world were blessed with. He can write better than the greatest authors of all time and his voice is a smooth as Tennessee Whiskey!

  2. Jackie

    Every song knocks it out of the park! Dean signed my cassette cover of this at the Madill Sand Bass Festival 20+ years ago. The talent oozes out of every pore on this man. His writing has boosted the careers of many, many artists. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Debi Trahan

    Dean can write like nobody! Best songwriting ever! He is real!

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