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If you are a country music fan, more specifically the greats such as George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith or Vince Gill, chances are one of your favorite songs was written, or co-written, by a man named Dean Dillon.

Unless you’re a serious music buff – this may be an unfamiliar name – until now.

Dillon is a tried and true Nashville veteran, and he’s been writing and composing with the legends of Music City for almost 45 years.

After a songwriting career that would inspire any aspiring songwriter, Dillon is not gathering dust; he’s making a name for himself as a talented and skillful solo artist. The folks at Bedell recently had an opportunity to visit with Dillon for a quick Q &A.

One thought on “Guitar World – Hit Songwriter Dean Dillon Talks Songs, Guitars and More

  1. Dean Dillon,Hmmm, let me see, oh yeah, the best country singer/songer that ever walked the streets of Nashville !! Long time fan. This guy just keeps gettin better with every song he writes. Upset that his voice isn’t heard on the radio… Dean is very responsible for keeping tradional country alive. If you think you are a bigger fan of Dean than i am, YOU MUST BE OUT OF YOUR EVER LOVIN MIND” He is the greatest..
    Thanks Dean for all the great songs !! MY BUCKET LIST..’to meet Dean Dillon..

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