Dean Dillon – Performs “The Chair”

5 thoughts on “Dean Dillon – Performs “The Chair”

  1. I wish I could meet Dean, he is my inspiration in country music and he helps meet look at music personally with true meaning and genuinely of words and meaning. Truly; Dean is one of a kind and my idle.

  2. Mr.Dillon, I’ve met you before. it was back in the 90s.I tried to watch the video an listen to the song.but my phone wouldn’t let me. I’m Darrell beelers little sister. Anyway wish I could’ve heard the song an seen video.I would love to meet you again.

  3. I moved to Nashville way back when… about the time Dead did.. he was Dean Rutherford then.. I have a great friend and greater songwriter from Tx.. John Schweers. John had lived in Nashville several years and already had a sack full of hits. He told me about this new kid from East Tn. that he was writing with.. ” This little sum bitch is the most prolific songwriter I’ve ever heard”.. and he was right. I went to see Dean one night at a little days inn on the outside of town.. Just Dean, a guitar and a few music lovers. Yep.. it’s the real stuff.. I remember he sand a song something like “I’m number 2”,, I thought it was magic.

    I’ll be the first to say there are all kinds of songs and all kinds of people that listen to them. Some songs are for dancin’, some for cryin’.. some for hello.. some for goodbye.. I guess I personally like the goodbye stuff. Get on your You Tube and listen to Dean’s.. “I’m old News”.. that to me is made for my ears.. So much for all that.. we all know Dean went on to become one of the greatest country songwriters os all time… and that is saying a lot.

    Like most Texans.. I made my way back home. I sit here on a pretty little place overlooking some beautiful mountains some friendly antelope and an occasional rattlesnake… When I wanna think about stories.. and songwritin’ and such. I put a little DD on.. God bless those word crafters that make there way to Nashville with a heart full of words and a soul full of dreams.. Thank you for sharing..

  4. We were in gulf shores alabama in the winter last year and saw you at Floribama. I bought your CD Feather of a Different Bird. It was accidently broken. I REALLY WANT ANOTHER ONE!!!!! I’ll send a check, just tell me where. PLEASE and thank you.

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